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Hope Springs For Durban

New Theatre Show For Durban

HOPE SPRINGS – Join the Uprising!
The play is based on a real Juvenile Correctional Facility called “Tranquillity Bay”, ran by an American business and closed down in 2004, after news, regarding the way children were treated leaked out to the media. Set on an idyllic island, the story follows a group of teenagers who were sent to a ‘correctional facility’ as a last resort for their bad behaviour. Their daily routine slowly unfolds as the play progresses, revealing a torturous life of discipline and obedience. A life in which the teachers dictate their every move, from what they do with their time, to what they eat, to even attempting to control what they think. Their parents originally sent them to this facility under the impression that it would make them into respectable citizens.  Events take a drastic turn for the worse when one of the pupils decides to take matters into their own hands. This sparks a rebellion reminiscent of ‘Animal Farm’. Two hapless inspectors travel to the island at just the wrong time, and it is because of these two that the terrible events of the past are revealed.

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(Source – Catalina Theatre)

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