Interview with Actor Brandon Auret star of Durban Poison

This week at the Durban International Film Festival I managed to sit down with

Actor Brandon Auret.  He is the star of the new movie ‘Durban Poision’  showing at the

festival.  I asked him some questions about the movie and about his craft:

DURBAN POISON 3 (640x360)

Actor Brandon Auret in a scene from ‘Durban Poision’  (image courtesty @DIFFest)

What do you think of the banning of  ‘Of Good Report.’  ?

Great marketing for the movie.  It’s all over Hollywood now.

Uncool to ban it just before the festival.

You can’t buy that publicity.

Tell us about ‘Durban Poison’ and your character?

Well this movie is 27 years in the making.  It’s like nothing I have done before.

The central theme is love.  Love is love.  It’s a love story.  All we want is a better life

and it all goes wrong in this movie.

Tell us about the director Andrew Worsdale and your co-star Cara Roberts?

Cara I met years ago.  She looks like Michelle Botes her Mom.   I did not know that this was her first movie.

She nailed this performance.

Andrew is a madman and a character.  There’s a lot of BS in this industry but Andrew has kept on.

He kept on for 27 years.

Why did you leave Isidingo?

It became a job.  It was the hardest decision I made.  You know you get used to that lifestyle.

It took me two years to make people believe that  I was not Doep.  I realize now that this was the best

decision I ever made.

What is your acting technique? 

We learnt Stanislavski.  A lot of it has to do with interpretation.   I’ve lost weight for a character, put it on.

When I did Rancid I looked like a Alcoholic.  I also like to have fun on set.

How do you work with a script?

Read it, get an overall idea of the story.  Do a read, check out the characters.  It’s not always in the characters words.  Understand the scene.  Go have fun in acting but take the craft seriously.

Film or Theatre? 

Theatre is important but Film for me.

Tips for would be Actors? 

It’s an adventure.  You have to do something about it if you want to be an actor.  Do children’s theatre, do the festivals, do corporate functions, keep at  it.

What’s next for Brandon Auret? 

I just attended the movie premiere for Elysium in the USA.   I have a part in that.

I have also been cast for the new Blomkamp film ‘Chappie.’

Who is your agent? 

Figjam –

Durban Poison is showing at the Durban International Film Festival.

Next Show:

25 July 6pm Sneddon

Interview by Fred Felton

Tweet me your thoughts of the movie @fredfelton and use the hashtag #DIFF2013

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