So You Want To Be A Film Producer?

A few weeks ago at the Durban International Film Festival I managed to interview the executive producer of

‘The Forgotten Kingdom’  Chris Roland.

Here is what he had to say about the movie and film production.  You might learn something if you want

to become a film producer some day.

Why make this movie?

We support the local film industry and this film had to be made.

What does a film producer do?

It depends on the kind of producer you are.  I am a hands on producer, meaning I am involved in the script/story development, structured finance, physical and post production, marketing, sales and distribution.

Before we put pen to paper, we determine what our audience is and what that audience is worth in terms of revenue.  We then develop the project accordingly and bring on a sales company either at the development stage or just prior to delivering the film.  We start the marketing process to buyers and the public during the development phase.

What is the future of film?

I think Cinema is going to become a niche market for big budget Hollywood-type Films.  I feel indie films will be moving away from the cinema release and focused more on DVD, TV, VOD, Internet and mobile.

What about the South African Market?

I feel there is a huge opportunity and model for Townships.  We are setting up a model to show our films there now, which will begin with a road show for The Forgotten Kingdom.

What do you want out of your movies?

Content that audiences can enjoy and/or be inspired and informed by.

What do you think about new content like Vine Videos and Instagram Videos?

I like this new content but a massive screen has a massive impact.  This film, ‘The Forgotten Kingdom’

has to be seen on a big screen.


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Interview by Fred Felton

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