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The Xef by @cathjenkin

The Xef

Our family fancies itself as wannabe-foodies. We have our favourite restaurants, favourite meals and top routines. But there’s something we love more than our usuals and that is discovering a new haunt or a clever little meal!

On Saturday night, we found both!

The Xef is a  cafe, located at 124 Florida Road, open throughout the day and well into the night. With a focus on healthy and delectable meals (and a strong focus on vegan and vegetarian menu items!), The Xef is owned by Justin Nanak and his family.  Justin decided to follow his foodie dream a few months ago, and the proof of that is – no, really! – in the pudding!


Beautifully decorated, with a relaxed atmosphere, The Xef has big plans to add on a sundeck and host events soon.




But what about the food? We had the *most* divine “cheat pizza” for dinner. Each meal is made fresh so you may wait a little bit for your food. It’s totally, totally worth it though.

For dessert, I had the most incredible red velvet cupcake and the Shmoo had this ridiculously nom chocolate pudding.

I think what made The Xef stand out for us was the fact that the owner’s passion for food and service is evident, in every part of the dining experience.

Thanks to Justin and his family for a wonderful evening. We will be back soon!

(This is not a sponsored post. This is an honest review and I received no compensation for it)

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Article by Cath Jenkin

Kindly republished with permission from Cath Jenkin.

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