Some Friday Fiction For You



“Go right down to the bottom of  Uruguay, “ she said, “right to the tip and you can’t miss Montevideo.”

“And then, what?”

“That’s where my great-great Aunt Matilda was born. But of course, unless you speak the language you are, to use her phrase, “like a lost fart in a thunderstorm.”

“How, then, did she happen to be born there?”

“The Waratoga, it was a freighter that took a few passengers, stopped there as a Mrs. Roughead (unfortunate name), had had an attack of Angina and needed to see a doctor urgently. Touch and go, they said.  And Aunt Matilda’s father who was known for his curiosity, did a bit of wandering about to pass the time and got to the harbour to see the Waratoga sailing into the sunset.”


“He shrugged his shoulders and made the best of it.”


“He went to the Embassy and they put him in touch with a local businessman in the import/export business and before you could say Bob’s Your Uncle, he had made a fortune, married a local beauty queen, produced a handful of exquisite children, and then, in the dark of night, boarded a steamship and left for who-knows-where? Interpol could not trace him. His photo was on the Google for months. He simply vanished into thin air.”

“So what is the point of the story?”

“None that I can think of.”

“So why are you telling me this?”

“Can’t think.”

“Nice talking to you anyway. You said your name was?”

The End.

Andrew Verster is a world famous artist and writer.

His latest book is ‘Encounters’ co-written with Pieter Scholtz.



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