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Exclusive Interview with Sarah Britten one of the writers at Time of the Writer

This week I managed to get an interview with Sarah Britten.  She is one of the writers appearing at the Time of the Writer festival in Durban.


I asked her some questions about writing, this is what she had to say:

What drew you to writing?

Ever since I remember I’ve wanted to write.

Advice for young writers?

Practice, Read, Start a blog.

Your favourite writer?

Kate Atkinson.

Best writing advice you received?

Just write, you can always go back and edit later.

How do you beat writers block?

I go for a walk. I write something fun. Exercise. I do other work.

Sarah Britten (Anatinus) on Twitter.clipular

You can find her on Twitter @Anatinus

Sarah Britten is a South African author, communication strategist, speaker and artist.

Some of her books include ‘The Art of the South African Insult‘ and ‘More South African Insults’ and  ‘The Worst Year Of My Life.’

Sarah will be on the panel on Saturday March 22 after 19h30 at the Sneddon.  She will be part of the ‘Finding the South African Funny Bone’ panel.

She is but one of the many writers at the Time of the Writer Festival.

For more info on the Festival visit their website –

You can track their hashtag on Twitter #TOW2014

Interview and Photo by Fred Felton

Twitter – @fredfelton 

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