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Darren Maule chats about Father’s Day


With Father’s Day coming up we asked Darren Maule to chat to us about his Father.

Darren and his dad Colin Maule, having a father and son moment - Photo taken by Craig Owen Photography (640x464)

Darren and his Dad Colin Maule, having a father and son moment – Photo by Craig Owen Photography)


What is the most important thing your Father has taught you?

Avoid conflict!  One of my very first memories with my Dad was him telling me why it is not important to get into fights.  If somebody is looking for trouble  – just walk away.  It they follow you – run!  If they chase you – hide! And if they find you – then by all means fight – but then fight till the end.


Tell us about your Father?

My Dad sounds like he got off the boat from Scotland yesterday!  If you meet my Dad in the street and he starts talking to you – he literally sounds like he climbed down out of the Scottish Highlands two days ago and stowed away to deepest, darkest Africa.  He has not lost his accent!  He has been here for 46 years  and you still don’t really know what he is saying.  Sean Connery sounds like he is speaking the Queen’s English in comparison to my Dad!  And now my Dad has learnt to speak Afrikaans – so not even the Afrikaners understand him ‘coz he speaks Afrikaans with a Scottish accent.  You have to hear it to believe it.  It is the most absurd sound – but it is wonderful!


Do you think you are becoming more and more like your Father?

I hope not!! My Dad can be very opinionated and single minded of purpose and I can tell you that I am one of the most un-opinionated people on Earth and if you don’t believe me, I will go to the ends of the Earth to prove that….but wait, hang on……I’m turning into my Dad!!!!!


What should kids be doing on Father’s Day?

The best thing a kid can do for their Dad on Father’s Day is to let their Dad know that they are OK!  Father’s want nothing more for their kids other than to know that their children can stand on their own two feet, look after themselves  and are making good life choices. So sit down with your Dad and tell him about your life.  Tell him how you are bettering yourself and what you would like to do with your life – and what you are doing to make that happen!  Let your Father know that he has done a good job and that you are a better person because of his love and what he has taught you.


Tell us about a special memory you have with your Dad?

When I was studying Drama at Pretoria Technikon I had to work to pay for my own studies.  My Dad could not contribute too much to my study fund however – he did contribute his time and supported me in all I did.  Whenever I was in a Production whether it was a One Man Show in a 60-seater little theatre or a thru’penny opera of Bergtold Brecht in the Opera Theatre or even doing a mime busking exam in Paul Kruger Square – my Dad would catch busses, would drive through the night to be at every single one of my performances.  Good or bad, experimental or polished  it didn’t matter – my Dad was there to support me.  And that support meant more to me than any money he could have given me.


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