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Durban Events for Mandela Day



Your Moment for Mandela: What You can do this Mandela Day.

By Lauren Immelman


In South Africa, this time of the year, July marks the time where citizens choose to make a difference that surround 18 July which is also known as Nelson Mandela Day.

Since the passing of Nelson Mandela last year, your 67 minutes of participation can help to change many people’s lives for the better as well as to keep the memory of Nelson Mandela alive.

But this year, focusing on food security and the welfare of others new events in July and August will help to improve South Africa in the best way possible:

  • The Reach for Your Slipper campaign held by Reach for a Dream on August 1 will let people to buy slippers at either Wimpy or Makro for just R10 to wear slippers on the day. All proceedings will be sent to Reach for a Dream.
  • On July 18 at 9am, citizens including the Ghandi Development Trust and Durban University of Technology (DUT) will be at the Umgeni River taking part in the Umgeni River Mouth Clean-up Project by picking up litter and debris with students from schools and the environment society of the DUT.
  • Highway Hospice will be hosting an Open day from 8:30 to 15:30 on 18 July at the Highway Hospice in Sherwood, Durban selling hospice goodies from beaded ribbons and more as well as R6, 70 boerie rolls. For more information, contact Cathy Goss at031 208 6110 or visit
  • To commemorate Mandela Day, the Mandela Marathon of either 10KM, 21KM or 42.2KM will be starting at Imbali township in Pietermaritzburg – the capital city of KZN and ending at Howick. This heart racing event will be taking place on 31 August. Entries for the Mandela Day marathon are available on the Mandela Marathon website. For more information on the entry process and other requirements needed visit, but remember entries close on 31 July so book your spot now.

Do your bit on this Nelson Mandela day and make a difference now.

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