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Events Coming Up For Durban

Exhibition at 39 Station Drive

Grant’s Whisky is excited to announce their collaboration with a creative photography trio from Soweto, I See A Different You. Founded by Vuyo Mpanthsa, Innocent Mukheli and his twin brother Justice, I See A Different You started as a photo blog which combined their love for fashion, art and photography but has evolved into a platform to change the way people perceive township life by creating stylized, startling visuals of ordinary people in ordinary settings. The partnership with Grant’s will see the young creatives embark on a nationwide journey portraying everyday South African’s who have stood by one another to achieve shared success, all seen through their camera lens.

Following a successful tour across South Africa, the trio in collaboration with Grant’s, will host an exclusive exhibition on 22- 23 October in 39 Station Drive, Durban. Featured in the exhibition will be a number of influential collectives from Durban, such as Surf Out, an initiative from who make a difference in the community through their surfing programs.

Venue: 39 Station Drive

Twitter: @GrantsWhiskySA



Did you know that Damon Beard had a interesting first toy?  He loved his little red and black train.

Every child deserves a toy and East Coast Radio is helping those that are poorer than us to get one.

East Coast Radio’s Toy Story with Game runs until 17 Dec 2014.  Look out for their donation boxes around Durban.

For more info visit


Anthropology II
Dates: Sunday 19 October 2014

Times: Sunday 10.00 – 14.30

Participants: Elizabeth Jane Balcomb, Megan Bonnetard, Karen Bradtke, Melody French, Kim Goodwin, Jeannie Kinsler, Grace Kotze, Louise Jennings, Kim Longhurst, Sarah Lovejoy, Deidre Maree, Jane Oliver, Peter Rippon, Michele Silk, Suraya Tewary, Aidon Westcott

Walkabouts: Sunday 19 October 11.00am

Venue: The Breathing Space Yoga Centre, 191 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Durban

Contact Person: for information concerning sales and viewing: Grace Kotze 0825605045, or


This edition by Fred Felton

Twitter @fredfelton

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