5 Tips For Online Safety


The online world is a wonderful world but just like the world there are many scary places and scary people around.

Many people today have moved online to place ads be it to buy or sell or tell people about gigs, the list is endless.

There are many sites out there for this purpose.  No matter which site you decide to use make sure you use the following safety tips:

Avoid giving out your home address

It’s never a good idea to give out your home address if you are selling something.  You never really know who you are dealing with out there so it is always best to meet someone at a shopping mall or at a crowded venue.  You just never know who might come knocking at your door.

Have a separate number for business

It’s always best to keep your private life private.  Nobody likes people phoning them all the time.  To stop people phoning you all the time about your advert or event, have a separate phone number.  One that is only available during office hours.

Have a separate email for business

Just with the phone number it is best to have a separate email for business or adverts.  You might just be giving that email to the wrong type of person.

Be careful what info you give out online

Nobody needs to know your ID number or your Passport number or your bank account pin.  Be smart and do not disclose them.  A bank account number is fine for transfers.  Just keep an eye on it at all times.

Go with a friend

If you are going to meet someone for a business deal or to buy or sell something it is always best to go with a friend or family member.  You just never know who might be waiting for you.

Stay safe.

By Fred Felton – Follow him on Twitter @fredfelton

This post is sponsored by Gumtree

For more help with online safety visit:

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