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Interview with the band Hellcats – Catch them at Red Eye Durban

This week we managed to interview the band Hellcats

Red Eye Hellcats music pic (640x348)

1.  How did you come up with the name Hellcats?

Around the time we had started making music together, we were out at a dingy bar one night and we saw this dirty old badge on a old bikers leather jacket. It was a demonic cat with the word ‘Hellcats’ written over it. We thought the whole scene was our kind of deal, so from then, we called ourselves Hellcats.
2. What do you love about Durban?
We’re from Joburg and recently toured Durban and were blown away by how great the local rock scene is. There’s something animal about playing in the insane heat, it does something to you makes you want to go all in. The people are legit down here too. The bands are real artists, knee deep in their craft. The fans are proper, everyone comes out to support local talent, vigorously so. Thats what we like about Durban. That, and long walks on the beach. At sunrise. With a bottle of tequila. And no pants.
3. What can your fans expect from you at Red Eye Durban?
We’re a two piece and feed off each others raw energy on stage. I guess because we’re a two piece, people can expect something different to what they’re used to hearing from a rock n roll band, we try to create a big sound with what we have. We play stripped down bare-knuckle rock n roll. Drums, driving guitar and wailing 70’s vocals, thats it. Simple. Dirty. High energy.
4. What are your music plans for 2015?
Our plans are to make more music, play more shows, infect more people with our rock n roll and break more drumsticks,guitar strings and hearts.
5. Which musicians inspire you?
We love artists that are pushing the boundaries in their genres. Our main influences are generally 60’s and 70’s classic rock, everything from Led Zeppelin to Motorhead, Bowie to Hendrix, the Stones etc. It’s what our fathers passed on to us. But we’re really like whats happening right now with bands like Death from Above 1979, Graveyard, Wolfmother, Black Keys and local bands like Dead Lucky, Beast and local Durbanites, The Sisters.
Catch them live at Red Eye Durban
10929246_1534177730197676_6506940353792996323_n (453x640)
Venue: City Hall
Date: Friday 6 Feb
Time: 6pm
Tickets R100
Students R50
Live music, artists, dance, poetry, film, comics and so much more
Twitter: @RedEyeDurban
For more info email Suzy Bell on
This edition by Fred Felton
twitter @fredfelton



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