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Do You Have The Balls?

Daring Durbanites: Who’s got the biggest balls of them all?
Durbanites can expect to see a little more than they bargained for this February, as the 2016 Hollard Daredevil Run prepares to make Durban blush by challenging men to run cancer out of town with nothing but a purple Speedo to cover their ‘jewels’.

Taking place on 19 February 2016, the run will see men of all ages, shapes and Speedo‐sizes run along the Durban Promenade to spread the word that early testing and detection of common male cancers can save lives.

The Durban edition of the Hollard Daredevil Run will see men of all ages, shapes and Speedo‐sizes run along the Durban Promenade to spread the word that early testing and detection of common male cancers can save lives. Daredevils will brave a 5km run in public wearing nothing more than the event’s official purple Speedo – and a good dose of sunscreen.

Starting at 15h00 on 19 February 2016, this year’s Daredevil Run is along a 5km route that sets off from the quirky Bike & Bean Cafe, with runners putting their purple on parade along the promenade of Durban’s renowned ‘Golden Mile’.

The event first gained momentum when, in 2009, one brave soul rose to a challenge issued over a beer in a pub, stripped down to his Speedo and ran through peak traffic in aid of cancer awareness – challenging others on the way. Seven years later, the Hollard Daredevil Run is a national phenomenon with simultaneous Runs taking place in Cape Town, Johannesburg, George and Nelspruit.

Hollard has sponsored the event for a second consecutive year and all proceeds from the Run will go to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) to support early cancer detection and Men’s Health education programmes. Registered Daredevils over the age of 40 will be able to have a free Prostate Specific Antigen test done, which involves a tiny prick to the finger in the lead up to and on the day of the event.

Men are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to get tested, especially considering that research has shown that one in every 27 men are at risk of developing prostate cancer in South Africa, while testicular cancer is most commonly diagnosed in men between the ages of 15 and 39. However, research also points to positive outcomes as a result of early detection – in fact, studies suggest that testicular cancer is 95% more treatable if caught early enough.
“Cancer affects the lives of those who are diagnosed as well as their loved ones, and it is vital that men take the time to get educated and get screened,” says Lucy Balona, Head of Marketing and Communication at CANSA. “Early detection can save lives and we encourage all men to get tested regularly.

“We at CANSA are proud to be associated with the Daredevil initiative. Proceeds from the Run will help tremendously to raise awareness of male cancers and encourage men to be more diligent about their health and go for regular check‐ups,” Balona adds.

For more info visit, or ‘like’ the Daredevil Run Facebook page. Share your support by tweeting using the official hashtag, #DaredevilRun and tag @Daredevil_Run in your tweets.

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