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Review of Samsung Galaxy S10+

Recently I was invited by Samsung to try out their new Samsung Galaxy S10+ which has caused quite a few waves in the mobile world.

20190311_063346 (480x640)

There is not much this mobile phone cannot do.

One of the big talking points is the wireless powershare which allows you to charge your Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Watch or even a friend’s phone with the device.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The phone also comes with Bixby which is kind of like your personal assistant.

This model even has a heart rate sensor and a finger print scanner.

There are so many features on this phone that it would take me a month to get through them all but I will just give you a summary of some of the key features that impressed me.

A nifty feature from the Status bar is that you can show the battery percentage. It comes in handy for battery hogs such as myself.

Another useful feature is that through Bixby Vision it gives you a deeper understanding of what you see through your camera. This includes things like QR codes, translation, landmark detection and more.

Security comes in many forms for this device including face detection or fingerprint scanner.

Samsung also have a multi window option which allows you to use two apps at the same time.

Emergency mode helps you conserve your battery. A useful tip that one.

To find it press and hold the power key and tap Emergency Mode.

Accept terms and conditions and tap Turn on.

The Emergency Mode also features a flashlight and another useful feature the Emergency Alarm which sounds an audible alarm. Very useful indeed.

You can also share your location information to your emergency contacts.

For those of you that like making quick notes you might enjoy Samsung Notes.

Samsung Pay is something new to South Africa and might just be the perfect substitute to your wallet. No longer will you have to carry your wallet around with you. You can just use this feature to pay for your groceries at the store. You simply load your credit card or debit card details to it. You will need a Samsung account for this feature.

The device also includes a calculator and a calendar.

The camera comes packed full of so much I would have to sit here for a year to explain it all to you. It really is something to behold. From the front camera to the rear camera they are both amazing. It has a super slow-mo feature which enables you to record at a high frame rate for viewing in slow motion.

Indaba Mural Panorama

The Mural at Africa’s Travel Indaba 2019 taken using the Panorma mode on the phone.       Image: Fred Felton

From the camera you will also find the feature rich AR Emoji which allows you to create your very own Emoji character which looks just like you. This is done all through the camera. The detail is immense, from how you look to the hair colour, lips, eyebrows, size of your body, clothing you wear and it just goes on and on. Quite amazing to behold.

There are many shooting modes. Foodies will love the food mode. There is a panorama option for wide angle shots. PRO mode gives you all the features you find on a DSLR camera. Live focus is for more artistic shots. Photo is more of an automatic option. Hyperlapse enables you to create time lapse videos.

For video recording you can also use video stabilization to keep the focus steady.

A great tip is to take advantage of the grid lines option which is superb for photographers.

If you are selfie obsessed have a look at the Selfie shape correction.

The phone comes with a built in video editor for those video jobs on the go.

From settings tap Advanced features and then smart capture. Tap to enable this feature. You have now enabled the screenshot feature. This enables you to take a screenshot.

The phone also comes equipped with this very useful feature:

You can send an SOS message:

  1. From settings tap Advanced features and then Send SOS message, then tap to enable this feature.
  2. Tap send messages to Add and add recipients by creating new contacts or selecting from Contacts.
  3. To include a picture from your front and rear camera tap Attach pictures
  4. To include a 5 second audio recording in your SOS message, tap Attach audio recording.
  5. Press the Power key quickly 3 times to send an SOS Message.

The phone features all the usual suspects from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to Wi-Fi Direct. You can also share pics, contacts and other data with NFC enabled devices using the Android Beam.

So it also appears that Samsung have taken pocket dialing out of the equation. No longer will you be phoning friends at 3am in the morning because your phone ‘accidentally’ dialled someone while it was in your pocket.

From Settings tap Display then Accidental touch protection to enable or disable this feature.

A useful option is the Find My Mobile setting. This protects your device from loss or theft allowing your device to be locked and for your data to be deleted remotely.

A Samsung account is required and Google location service must be turned on.

From Settings tap Biometrics and Security and then Find My Mobile

Tap Add Samsung Account and follow the prompts.

Google Location Service can be used and also Send last location which will hopefully help you find your phone.

The screen resolution is quite amazing.

Did I mention that the phone comes with Dolby Atmos for a feature rich sound experience?

That camera however is something else.


Rating: 10/10


For more info on the device visit:


Review by Fred Felton | Twitter @fredfelton

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