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Travelling around Durban made easy

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Heard about the People Mover Bus System in Durban?

People Mover courtesy Go_Durban

The People Mover Bus – Image courtesy Go Durban

Mlungisi Wosiyana the Deputy Head of eThekwini Transport Authority gave us some insight into the People Mover and the transport system in Durban. Public transport is the backbone in all cities. The aim is for it to be safe, reliable, efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly. ‘We have a serious challenge when it comes to road safety,’’ said Mr Wosiyana. ‘’Every year people die on the roads,’’ noted Wosiyana. He also shared with us that Transport has a role to play in the City’s vision for 2030 to be Africa’s most caring and livable city.

There are also challenges for the transport system and these include Rapid Urbanisation and Urban Migration, Unemployment vs. Affordability of Public Transport, Safety and Security, Accessibility and of course the 4th Industrial Revolution eg Uber and Bolt.

He also gave us some useful information about the People Mover Bus System. There are 23 Buses operating on 3 routes. They travel on a 15 minute frequency. They operate from 5am to 10pm daily and travel on a 20 to 30min frequency on weekends. There are approximately 30 000 passengers that use it each month. This is a city funded contract which costs R35 million per annum.

People Mover Pic 1

Some of the People Mover buses have free Wi-Fi on board for passengers to use. The city is also looking at new routes in the future including possibly to Musgrave and also the Pavilion.

People Mover Pic 2

We chatted to some people around the city and asked them about the People Mover and this is what they had to say:

Addington Beach resident Cindy Polydorou had this to say:

What do you think about the People Mover?

‘’I like the bus as it’s comfortable, regular and easy to get around.’’

Did you know that the People Mover has free Wi-Fi on it?

‘’Yes I know about the Wi-Fi.’’

What do you use the Wi-Fi for?

‘’I use it for WhatsApp, Facebook and to check my emails.’’

Does anyone else in your family use the People Mover?

‘’My daughter uses it every day for school there and back.’’

Where do you go on the People Mover?

‘’I use it to get to the shops like Spar, Pick n Pay and also to places like Suncoast, Moses Mabhida Stadium, the Botanical Gardens and Grey Street.’’


Stephanie Rail from South Beach, Durban had this to say:

Do you use the People Mover?

‘’Yes, it gets me where I need to be along the beach.’’

Do you use the Wi-Fi on it?

‘’I don’t use the Wi-Fi. I don’t sit on my phone in the bus. I sit and read my book.’’

Where do you go on the People Mover?

‘’I go to North Beach for the shopping and restaurants, occasionally the casino complex.’’


Mr Wosiyana also informed us about the Dial-A-Ride transport system which helps disabled people get around. At present there is a huge inability to meet the demand for this system and he hoped the national and provincial government would help to fund it.

Something to look out for is the GO Durban Project which is coming soon.

‘’It doesn’t help if people burn buses’’ warned Mr Wosiyana.

He also told us about the MUVO Card which is used on buses. It’s like a smart card and you can load multiple trips on it. You can buy it all over the city.

For more info visit:


This edition by Fred Felton | Twitter @fredfelton

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