Free Wi-Fi Durban

Here is a handy list of Free Wi-Fi spots around Durban where you can enjoy good Wi-Fi and great coffee

  • Gloria Jeans Gateway – Good speed, 3hours free, great coffee
  • News Cafe Umhlanga Rocks – Nice speed, good coffee
  • Vida e Caffee SMG Rocks next to Mini Umhlanga, Umhlanga Rocks – nice speed, great coffee
  • St Clements Coffee Shop, Musgrave Road, Musgrave – great speed, great coffee
  • The Factory Cafe, Glenwood/Umbilo – nice speed, good coffee
  • KZNSA Coffee Shop, Bulwer Road, Durban – good speed, great coffee
  • Wimpy, 318 Tara Road, Bluff – short time, good coffee
  • Zanzibar Westwood Mall – short time, good coffee
  • Wimpy Ushaka Marine World – short time, good coffee
  • Europa, Florida Road – short time, great coffee
  • KFC, Florida Road – good coffee and comfy couches
  • Pirates Arms, Wilson’s Wharf – short time, good coffee
  • Billy the Bums, 504 Windermere Road, Morningside, Durban
  • All Durban Libraries give you 250mb free wi-fi daily
  • All People Mover Buses now provide you with 250mb free wi-fi daily

If you know of any other places around Durban with good free wi-fi email us at

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