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Durban vs Cape Town by @cathjenkin

Durban vs Cape Town – Cath Jenkin

This is an almost age-old battle and I’m not going to list all the reasons why Durban is better than Cape Town or vice versa. Let’s just stick to the facts, right?

I’m a Durban homegrown child. I love our city, with all its idiosyncracies and seemingly infinite sunshine. But, I have a special place in my heart for Cape Town, with its laidback nature and abundance of coffee shops. That doesn’t mean one is better than the other – it just means they’re different.

If I take a quick glance over the events diaries for each city, yes – I do see your point. It appears that there is far more “going on” in Cape Town than there is in Durban. But that doesn’t mean for a second that Durban is a boring town, with limited entertainment. Just like one must dig to find a diamond, in Durban, you have to keep looking.

The best nights in Durban I’ve had (and I’ve had a few!) have not been the giant raves or the street jols where crowds converge and a roaring party ensues. They’ve been the spontaneous house parties, or the quiet nights in restaurants. Durbanites, we might appear to have limited options when it comes to entertainment, but the truth is – we’re too quick to dismiss things. I’m guilty of this too – I’d only go to clubs that suited me, or I’d poopoo some party because the DJ was someone I didn’t know. Yes, our nightlife is not the most varied, but it does exist. Beyond the clubs and pubs though, there’s a world within Durban that is just waiting for you to explore.

We have art galleries clamouring for attention and love – did you know the KZNSA is battling financially? See: They’ve added a bunch of interesting events to their calendar in an effort to get more people through the doors – and heck, it’s not a pity party. These events look great! Check out their calendar here: and if nothing takes your fancy, then I know a scrumptious lunch in the sunshine will get you keen!

Our coffee shop world is coming to life. Have you been to Antique Café? It’ll top your Wimpy breakfast hands down. Check it out here: JuMeLi is another such spot – and, of course, the gorgeous Earth Mother in Bulwer Road:

Lastly, if anyone ever tries to convince you that Cape Town is better than Durban, just gently remind them that Cape Town might have Table Mountain, but we have an ocean that won’t freeze your toes off! Not better – just different!

Keep digging, Durbanites, because our diamonds are out there.

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