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Review of the Polaroid SNAP Touch Print Digital Camera

This week we were invited to review the Polaroid SNAP Touch Instant Print Digital Camera with Touchscreen Display.

Polaroid Pic (640x480)

Here are just some of the features:

2 x 3” Color Prints which allow you to share your pics instantly

1080p/720p Video, Capture Fun in Motion

Photobooth. Create Different Layouts.

Borders and Stickers. Personalize Your Photos.

Digital Filters. Allows you to add an artistic touch.

Built-in Selfie Mirror. Smile for the Camera.

The camera comes with a handstrap, 10 prints and a USB power cable so you can connect it to your computer to charge it.

You can download a user manual at:

To enhance your experience, download the free Polaroid Print App for iOS and Android.

The camera itself features a pop-up flash/power button, a lens with magnetic cap, even a microphone and speaker, it has a MicroSD card slot, a tripod connector and also a reset button.

To reset your camera, insert a pin in the reset hole and hold for about 2 seconds.  Refer to your instruction manual to find out where exactly the reset button is.

On the back of the camera you will find the Touchscreen LCD viewfinder and the shutter button and also the paper compartment door latch.

To turn the camera on gently press the pop-up flash mechanism.

To load the photo printing paper:

The camera only uses Premium ZINK ® Paper to print 2 x 3” photos on adhesive-backed paper.

Slide the lever on the left side of the LCD screen. The screen will pop up.

Insert the entire pack of paper, making sure the blue ZINK Smart Sheet is on the bottom, barcode facing down.

Close the paper compartment.

The blue ZINK Smart Sheet will be processed and ejected before you print a photo.

First time setup:

Turn the camera on to begin setup. Follow the screen prompts.

You can choose from Photo mode, Video mode and Photobooth mode.

The Extras icon takes you to Borders, Filters and Stickers.

The camera also features Bluetooth ®

Status indicators will show you the SD card, printing, battery and Bluetooth connection status.

Tap the cogwheel icon for device settings.

You also have options for HDR, the flash and a timer.

You can view all of those pics you took in the gallery.

Zoom in and out in the live viewfinder.

Press and hold the screen to set the focus areas.

P1000009 (640x480)

Play around with the stickers they are loads of fun. They can certainly add a new dimension to your images when you print them out or share them.

Rating: 6/10


Review by Fred Felton | Twitter @fredfelton

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